blue_stripes99 (blue_stripes99) wrote in vaginapagina,

cyst? pimple? ingrown hair?

i'm using a sock puppet because i'm rather embarrassed about this. 


Well, i have this large round pimple like thing right by my clit.  It is to the right of my clit and it hurts SO bad i can barely sit down, let alone walk or anything else.  I have tried to pop it, but it hurts even more when i play with it.  when i did manage to get anything out of it, it was just blood.  no pus, nothing watery, nothing gross.  I have a gyno appt but, it is is for the 12th and i would really hate to wait that long.  does anyone have any ideas? 

Do you think its a cyst? or an ingrown hair? or something i really need to worry about.  mostly im just worried about the pain, unless someone thinks it might be more.
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