xasgoodasitgets (xasgoodasitgets) wrote in vaginapagina,

Birth control pills and heat

Alright so I know that leaving your pills in your car in the summer is a no-no because it can get crazy hot and heat can affect the pill. But what about carrying the pills around in your purse with you during the summer?

For example, I was just out for about 2 hours. It's 94°F and there wasn't a lot of shade where I was hanging out. I had my purse on me the whole time and I carry two packs of birth control around in my purse, so now I'm worried that they've been compromised =/ I looked it up and it says that you should store the pills between 59-86 degrees Fahrenheit and it's definitely hotter than that outside so...what do you think? Are my pills alright?
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