Ghostpaw (ghostpaw) wrote in vaginapagina,

Yet another lumpy twat question...

Honestly, I never thought I'd be posting on here as a patient, I feel like a bit of a spoon.

I've had this sore patch on my vulva for about six weeks now, sort of on the left side of the anterior fourchette towards the perineum, that comes and goes, but when I've had a look I've not been able to see anything. Felt like maybe an abrasion or a little tear, that sort of stinginess. It's back, and this time there's a discernible red bump. The nearest I can describe in appearance (and, for that matter, how it feels) is like a spot, a run of the mill, under the skin but never forms a head spot. Like you'd get on your chin. Only, the vulval mucous membrane isn't much like the skin on the rest of your body. But then, I suppose we get mouth ulcers, which are essentially 'spots' on the oral mucous membrane.

I have pretty much ruled out a Bartholin's cyst (wrong place) and HSV (wrong appearance, also, no at risk behaviour), and am going to treat it a bit like a normal spot, that is put chlorhexidine ointment on it until it goes away. Unless it gets worse.

I suppose what I'm asking VPers for is reassurance: Oh yeah, I've had that, it'll get better of it's own accord. Or, conversely "get ye to a doctor, that needs antibiotics". I just dislike not knowing what it is.
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