Kristen (xx_socold_xx) wrote in vaginapagina,

Bartholin gland cyst, gyno visit while on period

I posted a few days ago about having a weird lump underneath my skin near my vaginal opening. Did some googling, and I think it might be a bartholin gland cyst, but I am not for sure. It's only under the skin--from the surface, it looks normal, maybe a bit red. It hurts so, so badly. I have to lie down for it to feel better, and well, I can't always lie down. It's almost like a burning pain. Could this be a bartholin gland cyst? I've been doing hot sitz baths and hot compresses but so far, nothing.

Also, if I go to the gyno to get it looked at, I will most likely be on my period (due to start sometime today/tomorrow). Will they be able to check out my lump while I'm on my period?

And finally, I've never had a UTI, but I almost feel like I'm getting one. I'm not sure though, since my bump has given me so much trouble that it may just be it acting up. But the past few times I've peed, I've felt like I'm not peeing with full..pressure, if that makes sense. And it burned a tiny bit, but that might have been my bump. What should I look our for to identify a UTI?

Edit: Now with pictures of two days ago (lump was there but didn't hurt much) and today (excruciating pain, can't stand up). VERY NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

So, thoughts? Does this look like a bartholin gland cyst, or something else? I'm always thinking the worst so I'm scared. It is excruciating now. I'm taking Vicodin for it, and it's helping, but I'm pretty much confined to lying in my bed until I can get to the doctor. Standing/walking/sitting up is a no.
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