Rachel (atomiccake) wrote in vaginapagina,

Purchased ben wa balls...am I using these correctly?

I purchased a set of ben wa balls today because they were inexpensive and I never remember to do kegels. I was really expecting these to be a challenge. All of the websites say "try to keep them in for 15 minutes" but honestly, I don't even feel like I'm tensing and they are not in any danger of coming out. I've jumped up and down and nothing has even come close to falling out. They're very small (marble sized?) and heavy, so I assumed they'd just fall out unless I was really trying to hold them in. Perhaps my vaginal muscles are stronger than I thought? Or am I possibly just doing something wrong? I tried seeing how far up they were by sticking one finger inside and feeling around and it definitely feels as though my vagina is squeezing them from the inside, although I don't feel myself squeezing. Then again, I am a very tense and anxious person. Could I just be squeezing shut all the time and not noticing?
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