lollerskates (weeefairy) wrote in vaginapagina,

very dry, painful vagina with low sex drive, remedied by yoghurt? possible YI?

I'm 22 now and the past years my vaginal "juices" and discharge have slowly been decreasing, and quite frankly so has my sex drive, I'm maybe slightly in the mood like once every two weeks, where as before that was about twice a day (when I was 18)

The past years my vagina also doesn't really smell like its old self, but rather just like pee. (no fishy smell or anything) I figured it was all just because I was getting older or something.

The past week my vagina has been really, really dry. And when I say dry I mean its bone dry between my labia, only if I stick a finger in there is a tiny bit of wetness. I even had friction burns in between my labia from it being so dry!

I used some lube to remedy the dry vagina, but while it would be lubed for a few hours, it would just be dry after that again.

But the thought randomly occurred to me to use yogurt for the dryness, I've never had a yeast infection, but I've read about it before.

Now my vagina is nice and lubricated again and I'm actually in the mood for sex again! It also stopped smelling like pee.

I just wonder what the heck has been causing this? Did I have a yeast infection without discharge for like 3 years? bacterial imbalance? how the heck can it be that yogurt positively effects my sex drive?
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