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Taking different pills in the same cycle - would this work?

I'm currently taking Yasmin (UK), and this week I lost one of my pills when I took it out of the packet. I took the next day's pill that day, so now my cycle of pills is one day short. As I understand it, I can either take one pill from my next packet at the end of this pack to make it up to 21 days, or just cut this cycle short by one day, but then I'm going to have to use additional protection when I have sex. And if I take one pill from the next packet now, that means I'll have a 20-day cycle next month, or at some point.

I don't like taking more than 21 pills on continuous days because it seems to make me slightly crazy at the start of my pill-free week.

What I was thinking, though, is that I have a spare pack of Dianette from about a year ago. If I took one Dianette at the end of this cycle, would that make it up to 21 days so that I don't have to go through the hassle of changing the day of my pill-free week or using additional protection?

Probably not, I know, but I thought I'd put this out there.

Also, if I do have to use additional protection - for how long? Is it seven days?
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