Yolanda Lucinda :]] (yolandouche) wrote in vaginapagina,
Yolanda Lucinda :]]

Light Bleeding After Rough Sex...

So I've had some pretty rough sex the last couple of days and had zero spotting up until an hour ago. I don't have any pain or anything. It isn't enough to have to use a tampon or a pad, mostly just when I wipe and I noticed a little on my underwear. Along with the blood I noticed a couple of small stringy things. Also my husband is well endowed, so i'm thinking that combined with roughness I probably just tore something or irritated myself. Does this sound right?

(I had a baby 7 months ago so maybe I'm still just extra ''sensitive''..I don't know)

What sort of ''spotting'' do you have after rough sex? Do you ever get those weird little stringly things too? Input appreciated!
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