dancer69566 (dancer56669) wrote in vaginapagina,

What is it???

I have been having some weird symptoms but I googled them and couldn't find any condition that sounds right. It started about 3 days ago while I was on vacation in Disneyland and also on my period using a menstrual cup. I first noticed a foul smelling buildup on my cloth panty liner of what I can only describe as crust...gross I know. I thought that it was leakage from my cup but realized it was coming from my skin outside the vagina. Ever since then I have had horrible itching and peeling skin. The area where pee comes out was swollen last night, probably twice the normal size. The swelling is gone today. I was standing in my kitchen in my (dry) bikini when I felt a gush of what I thought was discharge. I noticed liquid running down my leg and went to the bathroom. I had peed myself a little without knowing it. Apparently I have lost bladder control...

I looked up symptoms of a UTi and Bladder infection but my symptoms don't match. It's not a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis because I don't have any vaginal symptoms. Does anyone have any ideas of what this could be?? If it doesn't go away in the few days I will see my gyno but I'd rather not have to, and I'd rather use a natural remedy vs. modern medicine.
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