lexicalcrap (lexicalcrap) wrote in vaginapagina,

About.com (and some of its users) makes me angry.

I was trying to find some information on condom sizing between brands, and I ended up finding a page on About.com, that led to these comments; you might find them interesting:


I agree that condoms are a great form of birth control for some people, but what I'm a little bit weirded out by is all the FUD that these commenters are expressing and how some of them don't seem to understand that correlation doesn't equal causation.

For instance, since when does HBC have anything to do with UTIs and bladder infections? Yes, some women are more susceptible to UTIs when they have condom-less sex, but condoms and HBC aren't mutually exclusive for a lot of people. I realize that people have opinions, but when they're based on inaccurate information, a site like About.com should think twice about featuring them.

I understand that (especially in the US, where this seems to be more of an issue) feeling chained to the cycle of yearly Pap smears and other diagnostic tests will bother some people, but there's a sentiment expressed there that suggests that some of the commenters see no need for preventative health care. And statistically speaking, the percentage of abnormal Pap smears in the US is around 6 percent*, according to the National Cancer Institute. These comments make it sound as though everyone has the threat of a colposcopy hanging over their head the moment they go for a pelvic exam.

Everyone has the right to make their own choices about the health care they receive, but when they base these choices on inaccurate or worst-case-scenario information and give other people the ammunition to make choices based on the same information, it's not good.

Is anyone else somewhat irked by this?

*And yes, I understand that this doesn't mean that an individual has a 6 percent lifetime chance of getting an abnormal Pap result.
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