your father. (naked_raiden) wrote in vaginapagina,
your father.

Weird Pain

Hello! I have a question!

All my life my vagina has really hurt if anything is ever in it. Penis, tampons, even the...chunkier type of blood when I first begin my period. That's usually how I know I'm on it, because it just hurts really badly inside. I absolutely cannot use tampons, it's too excruciating and I end up crying every time I try. Sex is terrible because after a minute or so of the pain, it kind of goes numb and I can't feel anything. I've had several pap smears and the doctors haven't mentioned anything is wrong, no infections or anything. Once one of them asked me why I was in so much pain during the procedure, and he told me that it was a 'learned reflex' or something, because I anticipate it will hurt. But it's always been like that since I was young, so I have no idea...

No matter what I do, no amount of trying to relax my body or using lube or anything will help at all. It's like the tissue is just so sensitive and automatically hurts when something touches it. Does anyone have this problem or have any idea what I am talking about??? I hate it :(
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