Mild and Green and Squeaky Clean (so_much_udder) wrote in vaginapagina,
Mild and Green and Squeaky Clean

how serious is dark green stool?

Hey everyone, I know I *just* posted about a yeast infection, but apparently I have a lot of issues going on, so I apologize!

On Sunday I passed two bowel movements that were dark, dark green. Almost black looking. This was worrying, but I was going to wait until I went again to see if it had cleared up, I thought maybe it was just something I had eaten. However, I still haven't had a proper bowel movement and it's Tuesday night. :/ I just barely let out the smallest amount, and again it was very dark. I don't know how worried I should be, and unfortunately can't really get to a doctor very soon. I work all day tomorrow, and the following day is Canada day, so everything is closed. Is this worth going to a walk-in clinic in the evening tomorrow, or can it wait until Friday? Does anyone know any potential causes? According to the internet it can be anything from black licorice to bleeding in the upper digestive tract. Oh Dr. Google. I hope I'm not being too paranoid, but I think my mom taught me to be very diligent about having normal bowel movements, and now that it's abnormal it's freaking me out!
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