Mild and Green and Squeaky Clean (so_much_udder) wrote in vaginapagina,
Mild and Green and Squeaky Clean

yeast infection - how do you know it's gone?

Hey all! I've been dealing with yeast infections for the past couple of years due to an intense round of antibiotics. It was recurrent for a while and I had tons of diflucan to deal with it, but it finally, finally seemed to have gone. But I never really felt sure, especially since I had forgotten what 'normal' felt like for me. Also, I had these hairline cuts that are symptomatic of yeast, and they never really seemed to have healed, so I wasn't sure if that meant that the yeast was there all along (externally)? Or is it just difficult for them to heal, even after the yeast is gone?

Anyway, this past week my hairline cuts have seemed to 're-open' and soon after I noticed a yeasty odour. But I was never really sure if I actually had a yeast infection since the symptoms seemed so minor. I'm sure of it now because of the irritation my boyfriend's fingers just caused (ow, burning!). Since the symptoms do seem to be so minor, how do I know when it's really gone? Because of the hairline cuts that always seem to be there, I'm scared I will have a constant, but mild yeast infection that I won't be able to really know about and it could cause me some sort of damage if gone untreated.

I feel like my questions aren't very coherent, so hopefully someone can give me some advice! Maybe I just need to get better at recognizing the symptoms? Any advice would be appreciated!
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