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Cervical Lesion

I'm 27 yo.  Two weeks ago I went to a gyno for a yearly pap/checkup.  I also had been having pain during intercourse a couple months preceding.  During the exam she found a lesion on my cervix.  My pap came back normal - no HPV.  Today I went back for the colposcopy (sp?) she saw abnormal cells and proceeded to take a biopsy.  I have to go back in two weeks to possibly have the lesion removed if the cells come up abnormal.  My doctor is still convinced that I have HPV despite the negative PAP test.  I've only ever had sex with my husband. He did have sex with other women before me but I can't imagine the chances of having HPV are very good.  Can lesions be caused by anything other than HPV? I'm pretty emotional about the whole thing and when I search for details the only information I get back is on HPV or cancer which just freaks me out more.  Any clarification would be really appreciated!!
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