caterpillgry (caterpillgry) wrote in vaginapagina,

Brown discharge and no way to visit a doctor for a while...

A few days ago I had some weird, sort of paste-y and light brown discharge, which went away within 24 hours. I would usually head straight for the doctor to have a battery of tests, but I've just arrived in Haiti and won't be visiting the US again for a couple of months. Seeing a doctor here would require a whole lot of hassle and questions from coworkers that I'm just not up for this early in the piece.

Since my last round of tests, about six months ago, I have had sex with four men, always with condoms.

I had one lost condom accident with a regular partner, someone who has slept with other people since his last STI test but always uses protection.

My last period was late (so late I bought a pregnancy test, though it was not necessary in the end) so I suppose I am due in about a week (usually it starts on the 28th or 30th of the month). I have never noticed 'ovulation bleeding', though I suppose it is possible? I have not had any itching or other symptoms.

Which STIs might this be a symptom of? Shoudl I be so concerned that I make a special trip to the States or seek out a gyno here?
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