jaggednib (jaggednib) wrote in vaginapagina,

Postpartum Discharge

Hey Guys,

My son is 8-months-old and since I stopped my postpartum bleeding, I have had a pretty thick discharge. It's clear, but mucous. It's like the discharge you get just before your period starts. I think I've heard it called leukorrhea, but I'm just wondering how long this will last!? Is it happening because I've had 3 children? Is it because I'm still breastfeeding?

Every time I feel a gush in my pants, I keep thinking, "maybe THIS is my period," but it never is, and this has been happening for 6 months!
I'm exclusively breastfeeding and my son is eating 3 solids meals a day plus at least 5-6 nursing sessions.

Does this ever go away? What causes it?


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