Natasha ♥ नताशा (tashieee) wrote in vaginapagina,
Natasha ♥ नताशा

Starting & stopping HBC

Short story: Is it practical to go on the pill (Alesse) for a couple months and then quit?

Long story: I may be seeing a friend with benefits this summer. My ex, actually. When we were together we were long distance, and still are. I was on the pill from 2004 - Sept. 2009, but stopped taking it when we broke up because I didn't really NEED it and I wanted to just see what I felt like being off it for a bit. When I see him this summer.. we will most likely have sex. We will use condoms, but I've never had sex without being on the pill and would feel a lot better having that in my system as a backup. I guess I just want to know:

Would it be silly go on it for July/August and then stop again? Would I be messing around with my body? If I start taking it again, should I just commit and keep taking it? Or should I just not bother with it all together?

Thanks in advance for your help!
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