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ok.....this is my first post.......right now I am freaking out quite a bit.

I am 24, never had sex, and bad me, I have never been to the Gynecologist (my mom died a couple years ago so I never got a chance to learn about going etc. and I never got a chance to talk to her about it, and the thought of it freaks me out). I don't wear tampons. never have. but lats nigh I was curisou where a tampn actually I decided to feel around...*blushes*, well when I stuck my finger in...what do I call it (?) my birth canal, vagina area, I noticed that is is full of bumps near the...lip (? sorry I don' know the correct terms). so now I am worried b/c I don't know if it is normal or not, and my mom died of ovarian cancer so now I am freaked out.

is this normal. or should I find a Gynecologist and go see someone about it. like I said I have never had sex or anything, so there's no way it can be an STD.....
thanks for any advice/info you can give.....

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