Easy, Lucky, Free (memoirsofsunny) wrote in vaginapagina,
Easy, Lucky, Free

White goo and clit stank

 So yesterday, my boyfriend and I were having sex, and these white gooey things came out of my vagina and were scattered about his penis. He was just like 'What the hell is coming from your vagina?' I assured him he didn't need medical attention, and the gooeis weren't going to eat away at his penis. I told him it just means I'm extra-fertile or something? I think I heard that that is what those white boogery type things were. I don't think I have a yeast infection, because it's happened before. It's just slimy, milk colored goo things that come out occasionally. Just would like for someone to tell me exactly what they are:)

Oh, and I have finally figured out why my clit, labia, etc, smells weird if I don't wash daily. It's from sweat. It's almost like an underarm stank, but different. But just as potent if I don't wash:/ Is there anything I can do to stop from sweating down there? Any kind of powder I can put on? Oh, and it always stinks worse after I pee. Like, alot worse. I don't think I have a UTI, because it's not burning when I pee. Any help?
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