burning_abroad (burning_abroad) wrote in vaginapagina,

Burning during/after sex and pelvic pain

Help me vaginapagina!

Recently, I have been experiencing burning during and after sex as well as pain in my pelvic region. I am literally going insane. I don’t know what is wrong and I can’t figure out how to fix it. Help me.

Any ideas or suggestions, I will try anything. Can anyone help me figure out what is wrong?

This is my first post on LJ. I got an account just to post this. So this might not be formatted correctly. I am so sorry.

Back story….

About four months ago I started getting reoccurring UTIs. I got over the counter medication each time that I began to experience burning during urination and the medication seemed to help. The last UTI was about a month ago. During this time period I would occasionally have pain during sex and often would just have random pelvic pain (bearing down or peeing seemed to stop this pain).

About three weeks ago (one week after my most recent UTI) I started having a lot of pain and itchiness around the outside of my vagina. It was really red and dry. There was a small amount of white discharge. BUT it was not really liquid and did not look like cottage cheese. Just like a white paste...I thought it could be a yeast infection so I tried using yogurt covered tampons and tea tree oil… Helped some but not great.

Finally, I went to a gynecologist. I live country where English is not the primary language and I do not speak the primary language … yeah. So I had some problems communicating (although the doctor did speak English with me). The gynecologist was not willing to discuss my pain during sex. Took a pap smear but did not examine my vagina with her fingers etc. Tested me for a UTI, the test came back negative, but she gave me antibiotics and medication for a UTI … and sent me on my way.

I kind of just gave up then … and I thought things were slowly getting better. BUT the last week or so I have been having this intense burning whenever I try to have sex. We usually have to stop. And the burning continues for about an hour after. Ice packs and showering help some. Peeing does not help. ALSO, have noticed more of the white paste discharge and had some random pain in my pelvis.

It does not hurt when he fingers me… Although, sometimes the burning starts as soon as we put on lube even if he is not in me.

I am a 22 year old who has been having sex for about six months with the same partner. I am on birth control (Yamini …. It is like Yasmin but you get it outside the USA). He was sexually active previously but believes he has never had an STD. Not sure when he was last tested…

Any ideas?
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