the mexican iron chef! (earthbend) wrote in vaginapagina,
the mexican iron chef!

Yeast Infection - Any Advice?

My first yeast infection was in April, diagnosed by a doctor, and treated with prescribed medication. Since then I seem to be getting them more often than usual. ): My second one was very recent and occured in mid-June; I remembered the symptoms and used Monistat to clear it up. Everything was fine until today when I noticed the very familiar white discharge.

6/11/2010 Began Monistat treatment
6/17/2010 Stopped Treatment - No itch, no discharge! :)
6/18/2010 Started Period w/ tampons
6/22/2010 Stopped Period
6/23-24/2010 Noticed Itching
6/27/2010 Noticed discharge. Yeast infection! D:
(No foul odor, no severe itching, no irritation on vulva.)

I'm not sure if the treatment just didn't destroy it all, the ~100 F weather's sweat-inducing in the pants situation, or if my hormonal birth control (taken for about a year now) is just barely catching up with me.

At any rate, I'm not sure how to treat this one. I wasn't sure if taking Monistat/other things would be bad to do so close after one past treatment. Should I try my hand with these at home treatments first before heading to the doctor who will most likely prescribe me more OTC YI medications? Or should I just make the trip? Any other suggestions or advice would be great. Thanks! I just need to know that I'm not alone with this because I'm really feeling disheartened about this happening to me. ):
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