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I'm just a girl, guess I'm some kind of freak

ovarian sizes & differences

Hey Veeps!

I come with a question I can't find an answer for. I had an abdominal/pelvic ultrasound on the 11th, and while I was told it was "normal/negative," I'm having doubts. I was able to watch the ultrasound on this bigscreen TV on the wall [that is AMAZING, let me tell you!], and that's where I got these numbers.

My left ovary had a volume of ~.70mL [I think it was mL, either that or CC, because I absolutely can't for the life of me remember!], my right one a volume of ~2.74mL. So, over three times as large as the left one.

So, questions:

ONE: those sizes seem really really small when I looked up "various ovarian sizes on ultrasound" or whatever. Especially since I have PCOS, I'm fairly shocked they're that small, since PCOS usually implies an ovary volume of about ~25.mL or so. Could this be due to being on Sprintec and stacking them?

TWO: In many places while doing reading I saw that, generally speaking, an ovary should not be more than twice as big as the other one, and that "more testing" is done to determine the issue if it's more than that. So, three-plus times as large is... rather alarming, to me. And I'm being brushed off, as usual.

I know that you all can't diagnose me, and I'm not expecting it. I would just like opinions and experiences, perhaps some form of "medical proof" that this is either "just fine" or "needs more work!" I really didn't get anything definitive when I looked, just opinions and stuff.

FANKOO in advance, and I really appreciate you all being here.
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