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help: swollen, red, itchy labia

ALRIGHT so i've had issues with my vagina for years now (on and off yeast infections, a couple never-ending urinary tract infections, etc) but i have no answer for this one. i've tried other sources before, but never vagina pagina. so, hello! this seems like a great community!

for the past six months or so, i was sure that i had a serious never-ending yeast infection. i had the white discharge, itch, and all-around discomfort. i went to my doctor twice, who tested me negative for yeast, gonorrhea, bacterial vaginosis, and just about every std and infection she could think of. she just told me that i probably have pretty heavy (but harmless) discharge and just to be sure to shower at least once daily if i itch and that everything was normal. i tried natural methods like garlic and yogurt and changing my diet to sort of rid myself of this discomfort, and (before my doctor's appointments) i would call in frequently to get a prescription for diflucan (one-day yeast infection pill). these things all seemed to work temporarily, but never helped in the long run. after a while, my symptoms died down enough to where i could live with them - i got used to the discharge, and i showered my body daily so i hardly ever itched.
BUUUT, now what i'm experiencing now cannot be normal. i have been having an unbearable itch (i seriously just want to rip my public hair off and scratch it with a steel brush) that prohibits me from doing anything until i take a super cold shower and just sit on my hands for 10 minutes. it's awful. i've used tea tree oil to calm the itching, but it only works temporarily. i hate it! it's been going on for a few weeks now, but i feel helpless because my doctor has told me time and time again that "nothing is wrong with me."
this morning, i was itching so bad that i trimmed down my pubic hair a little bit to get a better look at my labia. IT WAS SO SWOLLEN, i could barely open it to see the insides of my vulva. it's extremely puffy and red. when i could open it enough to see inside, i saw discharge that had probably been there for a while because my swollen labia was keeping me from getting in there during my shower. i can just feel it's extreme puffiness and it's freaking me out. this can't be normal. if i call my doctor, she'll just tell me off again. does anyone have any ideas?!

a side note: i never use soap near my vulva/vagina (only clean water), i only use natural unbleached pads, i only use a natural clothing detergent for sensitive skin, i only use non-latex condoms, i only wear 100% cotton underwear, and i'm on the birth control pill loestrin.

any ideas would greatly help!
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