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Not entirely sure if this is allowed..

Hi all, newcomer here.

I'm dropping a quick question that has been concerning me for a while now. Or rather a situation. Anyway, here's the story.

In a nutshell, I've skipped my period for five months (last one I had was January 2010) and there is no way I can be pregnant, as I have not been sexually active. I just turned eighteen earlier this month, and I have only been menstruating since July 2007 when I was fifteen. While my periods were somewhat sporadic (I'd get them three to five consecutive months in a row, skip a month or two, and get back on track), I chalked this up to the fact that I was only just beginning my cycle and it would take some time to get regular. I guess that's fine, but I have never had this big a gap in between cycles, not even when I just started. I haven't been getting any PMS symptoms or spotting or anything, nothing at all.

I haven't made any lifestyle changes, been terribly ill, lost or gained weight, been on birth control, or been under a lot of stress. I was told it could be PCOS due to the fact that I've never really been all that on schedule, but I don't match any of the other symptoms. The only other things I would think of that are coexisting with this is: a slightly painful spot to my left lower abdomen, seemingly right next to my iliac, and a headache that happens some days (although that could be due to poor nutrition), mostly in the evening.

I'm kind of a hypochondriac and have been psyching myself out thinking of scary things like a pituitary tumour..

I have visited the doctor for an unrelated reason, did not tell him about my skipped periods, but there was an extensive blood test done which came out normal. It included hormone levels and everything.

I know that I need to kick myself to visit the doctor, but here's the weird part.. I've yet to tell anyone that I've gotten my period, even my mother and doctor. I was thinking of having a friend take me there on the 30th, but in the meantime, what could this be, if anything?

Thanks darlings <3
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