bre (lesmoineaux) wrote in vaginapagina,

large bump inside vagina? stinging?

okay so only recently have i been trying to stick anything in my vagina, and im starting with my fingers slowly until i feel im comfortable to try other things. well last night, i got up to about the second knuckle on my index finger. i know this doesnt seem like a lot but it is for me! now its around here where on the roof of my vagina i felt this broad bump. im not sure exactly how big since i couldnt see with my eye, but it felt like a large dome kind of on roof/top area of the inside of my vagina. i know everyones different, but does anyone know what this is? just curious. i tried pushing on it lightly and it didnt really hurt. it's also around this depth where going further started to sting inside. not overwhelmingly, but just a little. whats happening with this? is it a stretching burn or a muscle contraction burn? i just want to confirm what this feeling is and all and if its okay to keep going further or not. im familiar with my vulva, but i cant say the same for my vagina so these my be obvious things to most people that im not aware of! you guys have been really helpful to me with all of my questions and i appreciate it a lot!
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