Demi (the_demiurges) wrote in vaginapagina,

Burny + Itchy Vulva

For... a while now, my vulva has not been the happiest with me! She's really sort of burning, but not all the time, either really dry or a gross sort of wet (the wetter the burny-er :( ), and occassionally itchy, or itchy when rubbed/prodded/examined. The entire back area where it meets my bum is an interesting shade of pink and sometimes it gets this whitish crust and if i kind of rub at it and my outer labia it peels like sunburn :(

I've had awful thick white discharge, the consitency of wet toilet paper when I clear it out of between my labia. Its all kinds of gross. It won't come out with water and i have to get in there with my fingers and its not nice. After that I usually hop in the shower and run warm water over it in hopes it'll clear it up but so far only mild relief.

At first I thought it was just a YI from my own stupidity of forgetting a change of clothes when I went swimming, and having to stay in my wet bathing suit, but then it got much worse. :( Perhaps its a bit of a reaction to my shaving cream? Or shaving itself? I'm not sure at all what's happening to my lady parts, all I know is its most uncomfortable!

And unfortunately, I'm in marching band for five hours almost every day. Five hours of sweating and gross, rain or shine. And it rained today. And wet grass makes falling inevitable, and I fell on my butt in a puddle which happily soaked straight through every undergarment I was wearing. Yaaaay more wetness I can't change out of.

So needless to say, today my vulva is most displeased. :(

Any ideas what could be wrong with her, how I could help her during marching band, and how to make her all better?

Thank you so much!
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