estrellafugaz85 (estrellafugaz85) wrote in vaginapagina,

Mild to moderate abnormality on colpo

I am extremely upset right now about my colpo results. Here's a brief timeline -

Late 2007: Am referred to colpo clinic after three 'unsuitable' pap smears. A very mild abnormality is seen, pap taken but comes back normal.

March 2008: Go back to colpo clinic, this time cervix looks much better, a small abnormality seen, pap comes back normal.

November 2008: Abnormal area looks slightly worse again, I'm told CIN 1, but pap comes back normal.

September 2009: Am told my cervix looks fine, no abnormality seen but pap comes back with borderline changes.

March 2010: Repeat my pap with the nurse, comes back CIN 1

May 2010: Have a colpo and biopsy, result comes back positive for high risk HPV and CIN 1-2, mild to moderate abnormality.

They are refusing to treat me now because I'm 'only' 25 and have given me an appt for six month's time. I'm now freaking out because it seems to have gone from normal to CIN 1-2 VERY quickly. Are they waiting for it to get to CIN 3? Waiting for me to get cancer? I'm also confused as to why I was denied the HPV vaccine - I was told it wasn't much use at my age, considering I already had abnormal changes, even though I told them I'd had only one partner at that stage and was planning on sleeping with a new boyfriend shortly afterwards. I'm so scared and angry right now.
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