Erin (thevelvetsun) wrote in vaginapagina,

Question about HBC scheduling

I'm currently on a generic birth control pill (Portia). I'm not taking it for birth control, I'm taking it so I don't have to have my period.

I usually take a week break once every three months, but that upcoming break will land in the middle of a July 4th beach weekend. Sad. So, I'm wondering if it would be okay to either stop taking the pills early and make the week off earlier, or to go straight to my next pack until after the 4th, and then take my break near the beginning of that pack. The package says take all the colored pills first, but if I'm not worried about pregnancy does it matter? Will the breakthrough bleeding be heavier or unpredictable if I mess with the schedule? Should I just take the entire next pack and take my break a month late?

Thanks for any help.
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