Stufey (stufey) wrote in vaginapagina,

Vagina shrinking?

Hey everyone.
So I'm just wondering, can your vagina shrink?
My boyfriend and I have always had a pretty easy time with sex, but as of late Penetration has been more and more difficult.
I recovered from a mild case of BV a couple months ago, where we stopped having sex for 3 weeks because penetration was too painful and ever since then Penetration has still not been as comfy. I was tested for STI's, uti's and all that and I have nothing wrong with me.
I also still get very wet and excited, but it just seems like since we don't have as much sex as we use to my vagina shrinks and it's too tight to fit his member. So Every time we have sex I am afraid it's going to hurt and then once inside it just feels tight and not comfortable.

I know I should feel blessed to have such a tight vagina, and my boyfriend loves it as well.
But it's almost ridiculous at how easily and quickly it tightens back up.

To sum it all up
1. my vag is too tight
2. nothing has changed except frequency
3. how do I loosen it up?
4. is there something else I should get tested for since sex still hurts?

I heard a question like this on the radio (love line) recently and the doc said it can be totally mental. If this is the case how do I fix it?
I love sex and I want to keep doing it, so this makes me sad :(

any advice is welcome! thanks.
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