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Arm pain caused by HBC-related blood clots?

Last night I experienced a sudden onset of pain in my right bicep. The pain has been moving from up my shoulder and collarbone down to my wrist. The bicep pain tends to be the worst, but the pain has moved.  I honestly can't tell whether or not it's a muscle pain of some kind or a pinched nerve. The pain didn't respond to Advil at all. It kind of went away of the course of the night, but came back while I slept. I got back to sleep and woke up with a little pain, but not as bad as before. It was much more manageable and not moving.

I talked to my mother about it today and she said to get it checked out by my gyno because it might be a blood clot. I am currently taking Ortho Tri-Cyclen and have been on HBC for a year.  I lucked out that I had an appointment for my annual today, so I brought it up. I was pretty scared by this point, and combined with the stress of making the drive down and money issues, I had some pretty high anxiety while I was there. They took my blood pressure, which was a little high.

I talked to the doctor about this. She made a note of the high blood pressure but didn't see any clear indication of a clot, and said that they're much more likely to occur in the legs. After my pap smear, etc., they took my blood pressure again. It was down, so she said for the time being to keep taking the birth control, but that if the arm pain didn't go away to call a doctor or go to the ER. I go for a pill refill in August, so they'd check my blood pressure again then.

But since I've been home a few hours, the pain has gotten worse again. Strong pain in the shoulder/collarbone area, and coming and going strong pain in my bicep.

I've been trying to chalk this up to other explanations. I sit in an odd way in my chair when I play video games, and the only real work I did that day was wash and dry a load of towels. I don't smoke, but I've been gaining weight since I've been out of work. There's no family history of clots that I'm aware of.

Does the pain sound like it might be a blood clot? Should I consider going to the ER?
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