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Inducing a late menstruation

EDIT: Whoa, that was fast! My period started this morning, after one day's regimen of 1x1000mg Vit. C, 2x40mg Black Cohosh (each every two hours), and 2-3 cups of parsley tea.

However, I still have questions :) For example, my period is very light; although there is definitely blood coming out of me, I guess it's little enough that only a bit makes it to the pad (so basically, I'm spotting). Should I continue my course until it picks up, or stop now? Should I be worried that, in the rare chance I'm pregnant, things are only partially done?

My previous post is under the cut, for reference about my chances of being pregnant and such.


Hey all,

I'm a 23 year old cis female, in a sexually active relationship with a cis male. I was on the pill (Yasmin) for a long time, but probably about three months ago, I went off it because I was having trouble orgasming, and thought it might be the culprit. (Turns out it wasn't, but that's a story for another day!) Worryingly, I haven't gotten my period since. I tend to doubt I'm pregnant, since that would be somewhat miraculous in the face of our practices and the evidence (see note below), but I guess it's always a possibility.

I decided recently to start taking some emmenagogues, because whether or not I'm pregnant, I'd really like to have a period soon--especially since I think it would clear up the symptoms I described earlier, and because after that I would go back on HBCs (I don't want to have to wait a whole extra month till their placebo to try and have a period). Although I've read a bunch on sisterzeus and other sites, I'm still a little scared by the process, especially because I'm afraid of overdosing on one thing or another, or taking things that interfere, or something else stupid, and would love some input on my regimen.

So here's my plan for the emmenagogues:
- Vit. C: 1x1000mg capsules every 2.5 hrs or so (asorbic acid, pretty sure there are no bioflavinoids)
- Parsley tea: 2-3 cups every day, with about a tablespoon or two of dried parsley
- Black Cohosh: 2x40mg capsules every 2.5 hrs or so (I know this is waaaay less than people recommend, but as I'm less familiar with Black Cohosh than the other, I'm a little wary of taking a bunch of this. And I don't know if my psyche can handle taking 20+ pills every hour!)

Does this sound good? Do these herbs and vitamins work? Are there better ones I should be taking? (Additionally, taking into account the note below, does pregnancy seem likely?) I would love any advice, experience, or critique! IThis is super new to me, and a little scary, so all input and/or reassurance is tremendously appreciated!

And thank you so much for your help! It makes me so happy that wonderful communities exist to help share knowledge and support on these difficult and often under-represented topics :)


Note: I have a strong feeling that I'm not pregnant--after all, I am aware that it can take a long time for periods to get back to normal after being on HBCs for a long time, and both of my pregnancy tests have come out negative (one taken just a week ago). My boyfriend and I also practice safer sex, which means condoms + pulling out before ejaculation.

Still, it's worrying--especially because I've noticed myself putting on a bit of weight, despite eating and exercising basically the same amount; having extremely tender breasts and nipples, unlike and way more intense than the usual tenderness that comes before a period; and, most recently, feeling nauseous in the morning, which *never, ever* happens to me. I've had some cramping over the last few weeks, on and off, and while at first I thought this was just my period showing up (which it never did), now I'm worried that I was feeling implantation pains instead. I tend to doubt it, but of course, one can't be sure :/

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