Amanda (stereosymbiosis) wrote in vaginapagina,

Leaking Instead Softcup

Today I tried using an Instead softcup. I was super anxious about using it for some reason, just like I was when I first started using tampons (but those are no sweat for me now lol). So I put it in, and afterward I stood up and I couldn't feel it so I figured that I did it right. But a couple hours later it started to leak, so I'm wondering what I did wrong or if you have any tips on how to insert it so it doesn't leak?

Maybe I didn't insert it all the way? I thought I pushed it until there was no more room left but the end of it was fairly close to my vaginal opening, I had no real problem hooking my finger in and getting it out.

Help? I would continue using tampons but I hate the feeling of removing them, and plus I soak through a super plus in a good two hours, which is a little bit infuriating lol.
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