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Hey everyone.
I'm a Canadian living in Seoul, Korea.
Last week I had a pap and full range of tests done (all the usual suspects plus HSV, HPV, etc). Although I have no symptoms of any kind, I've had a couple of partners in the past year and testing is cheap here, so I thought why not.

My pap results were normal and all of the tests came back negative except for ureaplasma.
Unfortunately, due to the language barrier and hurried manner of the doctor I saw, I wasn't able to get a lot of information out of her -- she just wrote me a prescription for antibiotics and sent me on my way.

Google searches and a previous entry in this community on ureaplasma don't really tell me much either, but from what I can tell, there seems to be some debate on whether or not treatment is really necessary, since 40-80% of women carry this bacteria asymptomatically. It doesn't seem to be routinely tested for in Canada, unless the woman is having fertility issues (which I'm not).

Anyway, I'm anxious about taking the antibiotic because antibiotic stints almost always end in a yeast infection for me, and I could really do without one of those! I'm planning to give my doctor in Toronto a call to see if I can speak to her about this, but in the meantime I'm just wondering if anyone has any input at all regarding ureaplasma.

Thanks in advance!

ps. i tried to include the community's ureaplasma tag but i'm unfamiliar with tags so i'm sorry if i did it wrong!
Tags: ureaplasma-and-mycoplasma
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