xxxemily (xxxemily) wrote in vaginapagina,

UTI/YI/STD Complications

So I posted here a while ago... here's that post

Went to my doc, she treated me for a YI, symptoms went away. All was gravy.

The beginning of this June, I had the same symptoms again, yet not nearly as severe. I decided to "wait it out" and see if my nether regions would sort themselves out on their own. About a week later, I began having UTI symptoms. Went to my doc, found out there's blood in my urine. She gives me a prescription for both the YI symptoms and antibiotics for a UTI.

She also suggested I have a full STD blood test. I complied, although very nervously. She said she "wouldn't want me to worry about it" because she didn't "think there was anything seriously wrong".

Now, this was about a week ago. I'm supposed to go in for the results this week, but due to scheduling complications (they close very early and aren't open on weekends, which does not comply with my work schedule at all) I'm not going to be able to get the results until next week.

I'm so anxious and paranoid and I could cry just thinking about all this. They won't give me my results over the phone (which only further makes me think there's something wrong...) and I am just absolutely panicking.

I'm almost done with my antibiotics and so far the symptoms of a UTI have gone away. The YI symptoms have also gone away with medication. If the problem(s?) I had were beyond that, would the symptoms have gone away with the treatment she gave me still?

Has anyone had a similar symptoms/experience to this? What did it end up being? Has your doctor ever refused to give your results over the phone even when everything came back negative?

I just hope someone can help ease my mind. :(
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