DarkSerena (darkserena) wrote in vaginapagina,

What are you into checklist

So, I was trying to think of a way for my quite-shy boyfriend to feel more comfortable sharing his sexual likes/wants/fantasies with me. We've been talking about it and asking one another questions, but when I ask him about what he fantasizes about doing, he usually just says "I don't know" and "What do YOU want to do?" He's cute.

So while on 4chan last week, I found an image that was a list of kinks/things one could be sexually into, and I was so happy! But it WAS on 4chan, so it wasn't really ideal. SOOOO today I edited it so it was a little more PC and a lot more extensive.

I know there are checklists online for this sort of thing (mostly in the BDSM community, if I recall correctly), but I think having a little file to color in and send off to a partner, especially when you're long distance or perhaps you're too shy to start the convo in person just yet! Great ice breaker - my boyfriend said "I like doing these lists, starts conversation. And less being nervous because you have each others' lists." (A note - I sent a blank one to him on AIM, and then when we're both done, we send them to one another. So that way no one is influenced or intimidated by the other person's list. Also, we used half-tones for maybes.)

So, if any of you would like this image, here it is. I tried to include all I could think of, but admittedly I did miss a few things. Feel free to distribute, edit, love, or hate this. Suggestions, comments, or whatever are highly appreciated!

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