Casey (basketcasey15) wrote in vaginapagina,

Preventing YI's

Other than the standard preventative measures, is there an effective way to prevent yeast infections?

I have had maybe 6 YI's in my life, 4 of them occurring in the past year. I take showers, not baths, I never use douches or scented products, I wear only cotton or cotton-lined undies, I don't hang around in wet bathing suits, and I lead a generally healthy lifestyle.
I haven't been to the gyno recently because I lost my health insurance (I know, I know, I have to go sooner or later, I'm working on finding an affordable clinic), but my symptoms are always the same and clear up with the OTC products, so I don't think it's anything more serious than a YI. My symptoms are also pretty mild and disappear quickly when I use the OTC stuff, so I doubt it's one lingering yeast infection that keeps resurfacing (though I suppose that could be an issue).

Right now I'm three days in to the meds and feeling a lot better, but I'd just like to hear some solutions/tips from you guys for preventing YI's in the first place.

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