Skunk (skunk) wrote in vaginapagina,

gianvi, generic for yaz?

ive been on yaz for about 2 years now, and i love it.. its regulated my pmdd symptoms like nothing else ever has, so i willingly pay the ridiculous $75 for it every month because its really made my symptoms SO much more manageable. (thanks carefirst, for being near useless when it comes to coverage!) i have had horrible experiences on other pills, so im a little paranoid to say the least of trying something else.

when i went to pick up my pills today, i noticed they were cheaper than normal -- $50 instead of $75. i asked the pharmacy tech why and she told me it was a new generic for yaz called Gianvi.. she didnt really know much of anything beyond that, she just told me it was the same thing and not to worry and sent me on my way.

I found it a little bizarre she didnt bother to tell me until i mentioned the difference myself... but what on earth is Gianvi? I've never heard of it, and from everything ive read, Yaz generics arent approved until next year at this time. Keeping that in mind, and the general complete lack of information the pharmacy gave me on it, I feel a little wary.

Does anyone know about this? Is it honestly the same formulation and an approved Yaz generic, and why was it released so early?
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