Nicole (nikkigoesdown) wrote in vaginapagina,

Nuvaring and late periods

Hi everyone. I recently just started nuvaring; I'm on my second month. I used to be on it for about a year or two about 3 or so years ago. When I used to be on it, from what I remember, my periods always came on time. Last month I took out my ring at 9:30pm on Wednesday night and got my period Friday overnight/Saturday morning. This month I took the ring out around 11pm/12am on Wednesday night (I know, I'm stupid for forgetting). Well, it's Saturday, almost 6:30pm and I still haven't got it, not even spotting. Should I be worried? Is this abnormal?

FYI My boyfriend and I did have sex without a condom and he came in me. We should be protected, but I know it's not always 100% which is why I'm a bit worried.
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