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More "Am I pregnant?" worries...

On May 17 I got my period. It's always 6-7 days.
On May 19 I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend. We had no condoms and in the heat of the moment decided if I was menstruating, my chances were slim on getting preggers. He also said he'd pull out but didn't make it in time.
Later that night, my normally heavy period stopped. If I did bleed, it was light and brown.
On May 20 my flow was normal again. Later that day I bought Plan B.
My period lasted three extra days but it could have also been the hormone drop from the Plan B.

And now here I am a month later, three days late for my period...

And I know it said my period could be earlier, later or right on time but I figured if I took it during my period, it would be right on time. And I'm sure my stressing isn't helping. But I'm PMS-ing: mood swings, some cramps, sore breasts, but nothing is happening.

I got pregnant in late January and had an abortion. And even though I try to block out that memory, I think about it from time to time to calm myself. I figure I went through it before, if I feel like that again, I'll know if I'm pregnant. But I don't feel the same. The cramps I had then were different.. the cramps I'm getting now feel like the ones I normally get just not as severe.

I'm just scared and worried. And I know I'm an idiot for not using protection and I deserve what I get.. but I think one abortion is enough. Not to mention I don't have nearly enough money for another...

Aside from getting a pregnancy test, do you all think I could be pregnant? :( How lucky would I have to be in the biological lottery for it to happen?

And want to know the worst part? I'm getting birth control Monday....
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