begforsummer (begforsummer) wrote in vaginapagina,

Pain in ovary but no cyst?

Back in January I had an ultrasound that confirmed the presence of an ovarian cyst. Just last week I went back for a follow-up ultrasound and the cyst is gone; everything looks good. However, I still feel a slight feeling of pressure, or something, in the area of my ovary off and on. It's not the same as when I had the cyst, necessarily. I didn't mention it to the gynecologist because at the time the feeling was "off" and I was so excited that the cyst was gone (surgery had been on deck if it wasn't) I honestly just forgot about it. But now I'm wondering what this could be? There's obviously nothing physically wrong with my ovary since that would have been apparent on the ultrasound, correct? I never feel twinges like this on the other side, nor did I ever feel anything like this before I had the cyst. I know I had been unconciously pressing on the area often (not too hard), could I have tweaked a muscle?

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