The moon in her teeth and her medicine tongue (ex_luvlee) wrote in vaginapagina,
The moon in her teeth and her medicine tongue

Irritated by fabric softner

I've been having issues with my lady parts for quite some time. I've gotten checked out and thought I originally solved the problem with some over the counter YI junk and some antibiotics prescribed by the doctor. The only problem is now, is that the inside isn't bothering me - the outside is. And it doesn't happen all the time. Some days I'm fine and others it's just uncomfortable and I want to punch things.
I have this really crazy feeling not only around my vagina, but around my buttocks. It's like I'm wearing a fabric softener sheet instead of my underwear - it's vaguely stiff and scratchy. And eventually with sweating and walking everywhere I get extremely irritated and think I have yeast infection and call my doctor and she's like - I have no idea - I can't see anything. O_O; And then I pay for lab tests with my paycheck and I'm like whyyyyyyeeeeee.
I tried switching detergents with no success and finally have come to the conclusion that it could be my fabric softener. My only question is - if the rest of my family and I share the dryer and my mom uses the culprit (at a separate time) - would that still effect my clothes?
This has been going on for like three months and I just literally had my AHA! moment like an hour ago after trying on 5 different pairs of underwear and feeling uncomfortable in them.
Ahhajkdhff thank you.

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