oceanhotel (oceanhotel) wrote in vaginapagina,

Bladder problems

Where to begin, I have had an UTI that does not seem to want to go away. My first symptoms were urgency and then incontinence. I have had several UTI's in my 20 years of living and have never had bladder leakage before! It was back flow and I learned to lean on one side to get the rest of the urine out. Went to the doctor, found I did have an infection, got levaquin, helped get rid of the leakage I was having as well as the urgency, but then it felt as if the sensation of having the urge to pee when you are full was not quite right. About a week or two later, slowly got the symptoms back again. The doctors tested it with a dip stick and said there was no infection present and that they would send it away to see if it would grow bacteria. It later did. And I soon realized that I have been wiping the wrong way despite reading wiping from front to back a million times. How naive is that?

Anyways, got Cipro and amplicillin. This felt like it did not help at all. Still light bladder leakage and then pubic bone pain. I get very cold easy, I guess that would be considered having chills. I feel sleepy all the time and sometimes a little shaky. I have always been able to get over uti's and this I find so strange. I'm getting scared. The bacteria, they said should have been killed with what they prescribed. They took another sample, sent it away and came back negative (normal).

I went to a urologist the other day. I also thought that maybe this herb called myomin that I am taking for female health may have been interferring with the antibiotics so I stopped taking that. So, I went to see the urologist and I think he thought that I was telling him that an herb was causing my infections, but I was saying maybe it was interferring with the antibiotics. So he prescibed a low dosage antibiotic to take once everyday (nitro- something). They tested my urine there, came out negative for a uti. I am still feeling symptoms. I have taken two a day to try and help. Today, I have really bad urgency! I feel full after I have emptied my bladder. The pain/pressure in my pubic region is a bit better. But ALOT of urgency.

I hope I do not have interstitial cystitis or something. Any similiar experiences or ideas?
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