dreamseer09 (dreamseer09) wrote in vaginapagina,

boobs and stress.

Right just a bit of background to my query I am currently doing the most stressful and most important exams of my life from the 9th of june- 25th june (almost over woo hoo)

Anyway since i started these exams my boobs are beyond sore. It feels like a razor pulling across my skin when anything touches them like my pj's the slightest touch is agony. My nipples have literally been rock hard since the 9th and not from stimulation (unfotunatly its been a while:(..) 
My friend who is also doing the same exams says the feels the same really really really "tender" they also feel heavier than usual.

Is their any link between stress and breast pain? or has anyone else experienced it before?

I have had some slight pain before when p.m.s-ing or during my period but this is worse than anything i have ever felt and im not p.m.s-ing or near my period. Also because of the stress of my exams i have been a bit lax with taking my pill ( i cant even remember the last time i have sex so no pregnancy worries) but could this effect it also?

Thanks girls
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