fleurlur (fleurlur) wrote in vaginapagina,

Implant worries

Heya, so I have the implant, have had it for nearly a year now! Love it, no side effects really. Only this month there has been no sign of a period :O Every month so far it seemed to have come a week later so I was expecting last week but nothing yet. I'm bloated, my boobies are sore and my mood is just myergh, my dreams are weird (which is usual for my PMS week) but no sign of a period yet! NADA! When is it time to start getting worried or is it most likely the implant getting rid of my period? How did it happen when you ladies who have the implant and lost your periods? Did they gradually get less and less or just one month not come and were never to be seen again?! Ahaha I'm sorry for the rambling I'm quite scared o.O

ETA: I do have condomless sex & also I know the statistics are like less than 1 woman in a 100 get pregnant on the implant but still I'm a hypochondriac.
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