Butterflies and Razor Blades (dark_nymph) wrote in vaginapagina,
Butterflies and Razor Blades

IUD/Tiny Uterus follow up

 a follow up to My Previous Post...

I haven't stopped bleeding since they tried to put the IUD in on June 1st.  It was pretty light at first with some thin clear discharge, and smelled a little weird, but the last few days it's been really heavy.  I'm not supposed to start my period for another week.

Is this normal?  I figured there would be some spotting, but I bled on my sheets last night and yesterday I bled through a regular absorbency tampon in just a few hours.  There isn't any pain.

I haven't heard from the Gynecologist yet, and another MD told me that I might not hear from them for a long time.  She seemed surprised that I was still bleeding (I saw a different MD for some refills) and I had talked to her before it got heavy.  She also said they might want to put me under for the IUD... but that's another story.  This bleeding is starting to weird me out.

If I start my birth control pills a week early, will it stop?  Will it ever stop??  It kind of feels right now that it won't....  and how can such a "tiny, tiny uterus" hold so much blood?  :)  Geez!

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