okamikaze (okamikaze) wrote in vaginapagina,

Birth Control Woes once again

So, the other day I took a look at my birth control packet (Junel 21) to show it to a friend and realized that something is terribly wrong.

(http://www.prestoimages.net/store/rd648/648_pd2002878_th1.jpg) <--- for those of you unfamiliar with the packaging.

I'm not entirely sure what happened when cuz this week's been crazy with me living at my bf's the whole time, but Monday when I went to take my pill on time, I noticed that my Sunday pill was still there and assumed that I must have missed one over the hectic weekend, so I thought back to previous birth control posts on this comm and took both the Sunday and Monday pill. Later today I realized that the last Saturday pill is gone. Sometimes I take the pills without looking at the package when I'm in a hurry and just go in order from there, even if it means going through the week backwards.

So basically, at some point I took two pills in one day when I haven't skipped a pill the previous day. What happens now? I haven't felt anything different from the, for the lack of a better word, overdose. And what does that mean for my next month? Am I still going to be protected? I will have taken all 21 pills, just my 'placebo' week will come sooner.

If anyone has any info that'd be awesome!!

P.S. As to the yeastie issue posted earlier this week: I've been doing the garlic and coconut oil treatment, and it seems to be gone, but I'm not entirely sure. So I'm not letting him get anywhere near my vajayjay un-condomed and we're using lots and lots of lube, so it's all good. :))) Thanks for all your help! 
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