cuposunshine (cuposunshine) wrote in vaginapagina,

so am i pregnant? yes? no?

Hey everyone! So im about 6 days away from the expected arrival of my period but i have this feeling i may be pregnant. So i went to buy an early detection (walgreens brand) test and took one today. With my first child, I tested a week before my missed period and got a postive (name brand First response). With the test today i got the control (negative line) and a very faint thin line in the positive window. It was very light at first so my SO and i thought *negative, not pregnant* well, i looked again and the line is much darker but still very very very thin. I was going to take a photo but no camera and iphone photos dont show the line. My SO thinks that there is always a thin faint line in the positive window from the dye or whatever it is passing through. I have a doctors appt anyway 2 wks from now for a pap so i can def find out then if my period doesnt show but what does everyone think? positive? negative? of course im gonna retest but id like some opinions. THanks!!!
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