Yolanda Lucinda :]] (yolandouche) wrote in vaginapagina,
Yolanda Lucinda :]]

Spotting After Bowel Movement?

Last Spotting Post From Me, I Promise! Well, maybe :] I just don't know who else to ask and you ladies are so informative. I could ask my doctor but I really didn't think it was worth mentioning, so I wanted to ask here first.

So I've come to the discovery that my spotting mainly only happens after I have a bowel movement. This has been happening off and on for a few weeks. Like when I go to wipe the tissue has pink on it. And I am positive it is coming from my vagina and not my butt. It isn't a lot or anything, it's only a little bit..maybe equal to about 2 drops? and It isn't bright red but more of a pinkish red. No abdominal pain or anything. And it doesn't only happen when I strain for a poo, it happens when I have an easy-going poo as well. When I just pee, I have none. I had my baby 7 months ago if this makes any difference at all.

I have no idea why it happens. Has this happened to anyone else or have any ideas??
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