[ the day sees| me |floating with wings of cirrus] (daysees) wrote in vaginapagina,
[ the day sees| me |floating with wings of cirrus]

fingering + strange pelvic pressure afterwards

Hi VP, you're all very lovely but I have a question and I'm rather embarrassed to ask.

On Friday my BF and I had a wonderful time together and had fingered me, quite a bit. Now when we do this he usually comes and then we stop and clean up. On Saturday I have noticed that I was having some strange pressure in my pelvic area and was wondering what it could be, since that feeling had never happened to me before. I thought I pulled a muscle or it was gas or something? But I can still feel it a little today and I was wondering if it's actually something or if it's all in my mind? I feel it the most when I am standing up for a certain length of time. I haven't bled or anything which makes me think that it might be nothing. Has anyone else ever experienced this?

Thank you! xx
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