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What to expect when going to Planned Parenthood..?

Hey people! I'm going to Planned Parenthood tomorrow (hopefully.. if not, sometime this week) because I want to get me some wonderful birth control. But I have no idea what to expect and the website isn't being helpful...

Like, do I pick a birth control method there and get it that same day, or will I have to go back? My period is due this Thursday...and doesn't my period have something to do with when I start my method?

Also, I always thought that to get birth control, I would have some kind of check up for my girly bits but said I may require a pap smear and/or breast exam. Are those part of my lil check up, or something that I have to schedule for another day, further delaying my birth control?

I'm just confused and nervous and want to get everything done all at once and as soon as possible. I'm always so paranoid I'll have a "baby accident" and I can't handle that stress anymore... so if anyone could give me an idea what to expect, I'd really appreciate it! :)

And if this is off-topic, I apologise and feel free to remove it :o
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